How much does it cost to put a fence up around a house?

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How much does it cost to put a fence up around a house?

Wooden fences cost less than metal fences, but many homeowners also like low-maintenance vinyl fences. If permits are required in your area, there are often restrictions on the type of materials, the height of the fence and even the design of the fence. Chain link fences tend to have the lowest cost per foot, while aluminum and wrought iron fences tend to have the highest cost. Vinyl and composite are more durable because they don't rust and you don't need to seal them regularly like you would with wooden fences. You may also need to invest in regular gutter cleaning maintenance from an expert like Gutter Cleaning Flint MI. A clogged gutter can damage your fence since the water from it will just overflow, which can make the soil to get soften or worst erode because of too much water. 

Because they are susceptible to termites and decay, wooden fences are less durable and require a lot of maintenance. There are a wide range of materials to choose from, such as chain links, wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl and wood, each of which has different fence prices. If a professional isn't going to install your privacy fence, check your local municipality's building regulations to make sure you purchase the permits you need before you start building your privacy fence. Because of their high costs, aluminum and metal fences are a less popular option compared to wood and vinyl.

You can more accurately calculate what your project may cost by determining how many linear feet your fence will have. Fences can be of any height as long as they comply with local building codes, although they are normally between 4 and 8 feet tall. Wrought iron is a durable fencing material that can withstand harsh conditions and will require few repairs over the years. Luke Beerman of Freedom Fence Builders in Raleigh, North Carolina, says most pool fences are constructed with black aluminum.

Most fencing professionals don't replace or repair fence posts and will only install them if they're part of a new fence facility. Every 6 to 8 feet along the contour you created, mark a spot on the ground with spray paint for the holes in the fence posts. Regardless of the type of privacy fence you choose, the exact professional labor rate will depend on your city's market. Installing prefabricated panels instead of building the fence from scratch could significantly reduce labor costs.

Below is the cost per linear foot of installing chain link fencing, vinyl, wood and other types of fencing.

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